The World of XPLabs


After a number of years working with development processes in teams, I discovered Extreme Programming in 1999. XP was a new and effective way for resolving problems. That’s when I got the idea for a company organized on XP principles to bring out the maximum potential in software development.

In September 2000 I founded XPLabs as an authentic “XP” lab: a place to produce software, conduct applied research, experiment, innovate and scientifically observe XP; a place where change was always possible, a jumping off point for the next step.

In ten years XPLabs has created new businesses, new teams, new interests and a new way of doing business: our next step forward.

This new way of doing business requires a new mission and company organization. Once again, we have decided to make a change: a new name, a new organization and way of working, taking to heart what we have learned from XPLabs.

Starting today XPLabs is now FC Garage.

— Francesco Cirillo, CEO FC Garage

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Ten Years Applying Extreme Programming

XPLabs Collaborative Engineering Center

A Home for XP

In the spring of 2000 we started renovating a farmhouse in the country about 30 miles from Rome. Using XP. Yes, the first XP course was given on request to the team of architects who worked on the renovation. They were amazed when they found out how well this "strange" method worked.

The center, featuring work spaces and a library of over 2500 books on the various themes of software engineering, has hosted students, interns and teams housed on site, enabling a first hand experience of applying of "pure" XP.

The center organized events like XPLabs Open Day and facilitated opportunities to meet leaders from the world of software such as Ward Cunningham and Joshua Kerievski.

Developing Software

Taking Xtreme Programming a step beyond.

The primary goal of XPLabs was to apply XP to real-life projects; to make observations and then to make improvement happen.

XPLabs wanted to put together a top notch team of young developers with a systematic turnover: this was the start of the Bees Team. For ten years the team has been the vehicle for the enthusiasm and dedication of the students who poured their efforts into working internships of six months or a year.

The goal of the Bees Team was to create software with ROI and the highest level of quality. The team worked on products for the mass consumer market and development support. The Bees Team also contributed to the developing and refactoring of other companys’ applications – ranging from banking to telecommunication, business applications and process control.

Providing XP Mentoring & Coaching

Enable Teams to Choose the Next Step

In ten years XPLabs has contributed to the building and growth of many, many European teams through mentoring and coaching activities. Hundreds of team members recall having experienced Francesco’s famously challenging "thermometer" exercise for self-assessment :-)

XPLabs has always passed on to its clients the knowledge about developing projects and products that it built up by observing and learning along the way.

Our company was able to initiate pioneering activities in the teams of those companies that were the first to believe in our capabilities to go beyond XP. XPLabs is especially grateful for the vote of confidence given us by IMI Bank, Sun Microsystems, GMTechnologies and ICTechnologies.

Providing XP Education

Sharing the Tools to Understand and Implement XP

In ten years XPLabs has provided training to hundreds of professionals, managers and developers from many companies of all sizes and sectors.

We are proud to have been chosen by major international training companies to train their trainers in design and processes..

Promoting XP

Enabling People to Make an Informed Decision about XP

With the XPLabs Tour – a free event for European university students – we have been able to share our knowledge of XP with hundreds of students.

When Kent Beck invited us to develop a local XP community, we did not hesitate: that was the start of xp-it.